Fernando Briano

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I'm a Software Engineer at Elastic. You can see some of my code in my GitHub profile. If you are interested, you can check out my CV.

I use GNU/Linux and free software when possible. You can help Free Software by joining the Free Software Foundation. I use Mozilla Firefox as my web browser and Emacs is my text editor of choice.

My favourite programming language right now is Ruby, but I've written code in several languages along my career. The top programming languages from my repositories on GitHub are: Ruby (36), JavaScript (20), PHP (7), HTML (6), CSS (6), Elixir (5), Emacs Lisp (4), Shell (3), Python (1), Haml (1), Erlang (1), Java (1), SCSS (1), TypeScript (1), Crystal (1), Go (1), Rust (1)

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Other stuff

I run an independent punk rock record label: Entropía Records. I've published some albums from local bands and produced and helped with several gigs. It's a great hobby and I love punk rock. Here's my Last.fm profile and my Bandcamp, in case you want to find out about my favorite music.

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